Hell Yeah! This Woman Canceled Her Evening Plans And Had A Tiny Orgasm

Going out every night can be a lot, and the pressure to do so can be even worse. That’s why we stan Jacey DeNardo: At just the thought of canceling her evening plans last night, she had just the tiniest orgasm before settling in on her couch to watch Netflix.


Hell yeah, you lil’ cum queen!


“I guess I’ve just been so exhausted from going out all the time,” said Jacey. “So this night, I chose to stay in and have a little me time. So I cracked a bottle of wine, put on Dead to Me, and came. Well, a little bit.”


Jacey, who has a job that requires a ton of socializing, went on to explain her need to take a night off to get herself off almost imperceptibly.


“My interacting with people meter just hit zero,” said Jacey. “I found myself dreading the idea of seeing anyone and entertaining the idea of just hanging out with myself that night. And just the thought of it gave me a little orgasm.”



Jacey’s friends are supportive.


“Jacey never flakes,” said Raina Gleason. “So I know she really just needed the night to herself. I hope she got some takeout and relaxed, even a little bit.”


Believe us, she did! She relaxed just a little, tiny smidgen by rejecting your invitation to hang out!


And for Jacey, this might become a trend.


“It felt so good to recharge like that, to just be alone with me,” she said. “I might have to do this more often. Maybe a bigger orgasm next time I cancel last-minute, but the mini one wasn’t so bad either!”


“I suppose if I’d edged at least a little bit I would’ve had a better one,” Jacey added. “Maybe next time I’ll cancel more slowly.”