Aww! This Woman Has Her Mother’s Trauma

Family resemblance alert! 22-year-old Denise Sharpton definitely takes after her mom: While she shares her father’s nose, Sharpton has the same debilitating, lasting trauma as her mother.


Aww! Like mother, like daughter!


Denise and her mother Elaine are the spitting image of each other – both have piercing green eyes, long red hair, clinical depression, and obsessive thoughts for which they refuse to seek help.


They’re parent and child, but they’re basically twinning!


“Yeah, the family resemblance is obvious,” says Denise. “At parties, family friends say, ‘You look just like your mom!’ And then I leave, because I’m afraid one of them will turn out to be a predator.”


“When Denise was a baby, I thought maybe she’d be like her dad, who is cheerful and lives in Denver,” says Denise’s aunt Charlotte Green. “ But as Denise grew up and started flinching every time she talked to a male relative, I knew she took after her mom in that department.”


We wish we were this close to our moms!!



“I’m not sure how it happened, cause I hurt her in a totally different way than my mom hurt me,” says Elaine. “Maybe it was the way I externalized my fears rather than telling her about my own experiences, or that I was just as silent as my own mother was to me. Now we really can’t talk about anything of significance at all.”


What a resemblance! Somebody take a freaking family portrait of these girls!!


Sources say that lasting trauma has been passed down through generations of the Sharpton family all the way from Denise’s great-great-grandfather Levi, who lost a toe on the Oregon Trail and took it out on his children.


Family goals!!


Though Denise and her mother are super similar, Denise still has her own unique, special personality. Irrationally refusing to go to a therapist because she’s afraid that no matter who she chooses, they’ll tell her mother everything she says? That’s just a little Denise quirk!


At press time, Denise and Elaine were both knitting scarves as if that would change anything.