Wow! This Woman Doesn’t Need to be High to Stare at Her Hands and be Like ‘Whoa’ 

If you’re looking for some lady boss motivation to power you through your week, then look no further than Lila Scardaggio. This deep queen doesn’t even need to be high to stare at her hands and just be like, “Whoa”.


“It all started when I was home on my computer,” Lila explained. “I looked down at my hands on my keyboard, then spread out my fingers and was just like, ‘Alright, these things are insane.’”



Yes, bitch! Analyze and appreciate the peculiar nature of the human form!


“I mean look at your fingers,” Lila added. “What even is that? These five skinny mini limbs that you can wrap around objects like some sort of mechanic claw? Actually, a mechanic claw is probably based on a human hand. Oh, my god.”


To reiterate, Lila is not under the influence of marijuana at this moment.


“They’re just beautiful and weird,” said Lila. “I wonder when we started painting fingernails. What a concept. The world is honestly crazy, and hands are a big part of it.”


“There’s something irreducibly human about hands,” Lila continued. “Yet something impossible to capture. I mean, imagine Abraham Lincoln’s hands, right? You can’t. Or can you?”


Wow! These thoughts are really beginning to verge on not worth sharing.


“And seriously what is up with all the intricate lines?” Lila said, still thinking about her hands.


While we’re amazed by Lila’s sober fascination with her mitts, she is not without her critics.


“When I walked into our kitchen Lila was sitting there and told me to come look at her hands,” said her roommate, Pooja Ajarwal. “At first I was like, Lila is baked at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday, nice. But then I found out she wasn’t and I was like, yikes.”


But Lila’s buoyant spirit can weather the storm of haters with ease.


“I don’t care,” said Lila. “As long as I have these hands, I’ll have a reason to look down and be like, ‘from the bottom of my heart, whoa.’”