Don’t Worry! Friend Will Be There in Spirit

Calm down, everyone! In a surprising turn of events, 28-year-old Vicky Anderson, who bailed on her friend Madison’s party at the last minute, is going to be there after all – in spirit.


Upon hearing about the cancellation, Madison was feeling. That is until Vicky texted her again and said, “But don’t worry, I’ll be there in spirit.”


Phew! Crisis averted!


“Before I knew Vicky’s spirit was a yes, I was drafting a text calling her a flaky bitch. But thankfully she texted me about her spirit being able to come before I hit send.”


After knowing Anderson’s spirit was sure to be at her party, Madison changed her Facebook RSVP from “can’t go” to “going. But in spirit” which prompted a lot of excitement among other attendees.


“TBH, I wasn’t even going to go to this lame party without Vicky,” says friend, Andy Mitchell. “But then when she said her spirit was going, I was like, ‘Oh chill—her spirit is always down to party.’


Madison was so flattered that her friend’s spirit was attending the party that she even served her favorite snacks. You could even say Anderson’s spirit was stealing the spotlight, as Madison was more thrilled for her friend’s spirit to be there than some of the physical guests.


“When I got there, Madison opened the door looking excited,” says Madison’s boyfriend Tyler, who only bothered to show up in physical form. “Then she saw it was me and seemed legitimately distraught.”


“Madison wanted me to play music and do that thing where you put your phone in a cup to make it louder. She said Vicky’s spirit was bringing the speaker,” Tyler explained. “I don’t understand what’s happening. I thought Vicky bailed?”


After about an hour, Madison finally decided to text Anderson and ask what her spirit’s ETA was. She soon got a text back saying, “Madison, my spirit has been there the whole time!”


Woah! Have Madison’s feelings ever been this wrong before? Probably not.



“I should really learn never to feel upset at anything Vicky does. While, physically, she may be flaky, her spirit has literally been by my side this whole time. And that’s enough for me!”


Well, it seems like being there in spirit is the new “thought and prayers” of friendship! We salute you, Vicky (in spirit)!