Amazing! This Woman Won an Oscar for Her Acting Out a Future Conversation in the Shower

This Sunday night, Caroline Bell took home an Oscar for her riveting performance of “practicing a future conversation in the shower” in the film, What I’ll Say to Andrew Later to Make Him Love Me.


The film depicts Bell’s deep longing to speak directly to Andrew, a man she has only ever seen.



Critics and casual moviegoers alike adored Bell’s partially improvised and timely performance. Receiving a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, The LA Times described WISTALTMHLM as, “a clever, off-beat person trying their best.” The New York Times described Bell’s performance as “surprisingly vulnerable,” “lovingly done,” and a “likeable lead with a compelling plot all made-up in her head!”


Receiving the award, Caroline Bell wowed everyone with a charming speech and stunning Yves Saint Laurent gown.


“I’d like to thank the Academy, and all my supporters out there,” Caroline said, as she began her acceptance speech. “This really means so much to me. I hope the actual conversation I have with Andrew goes nearly as well as tonight!”


Bell takes the award home after beating out several strong contenders, including Hannah Newton for her role in Practice for a Fake Interview With a Late Night Host, Jenna Reiner for her role in Rehearse Difficult Conversation About Relationship Expectations With Boyfriend, and Patricia Greene for her role in I Need To Ask My Parents for Money. They were all understandably disappointed but honored to be nominated amongst such a talented array of women.



Audiences are excited about Caroline Bell’s next performances. Sources report that Bell is currently working with Amazon Studios on a longer dramatic series titled, What Should I Text Andrew Back? Help Me.


When asked about his relationship to Caroline, Andrew from Bell’s Thursday afternoon English lecture replied, “Who? Oh yeah, I think I know her.”