Inspiring! This Woman Quit Her Job to Track Packages Full-Time

Talk about inspiration! Lexington, KY resident Eleanor Babkin has done what others only dream of: She quit her day job to devote herself more fully to tracking packages being delivered to her home.



“People act like you can have it all, but you really can’t,” says Eleanor, who had grown tired of trying to juggle the demands of her 9-5 along with monitoring the arrival of items she’d ordered online. “Life is just too short not to chase your dreams.”


Eleanor is now able to spend entire workdays copy-and-pasting tracking numbers into the UPS site in order to see how soon her packages of clothing, toilet paper, and other sundries will arrive, and confirming their location in transit.


“My new winter boots are supposed to come Friday,” says Eleanor. “But considering they’re in a shipping facility right outside Cincinnati, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw them tomorrow.”


Then she sighed. “It’s such a thrill to be able to take the time to pursue my passions.”


All the extra time has even allowed Eleanor to write more product reviews.


“I’m very honest about whether they met the estimated shipping time,” she explains. “Luckily, I’ve started to get a pretty firm handle on who I can trust in that department .”