Annie Upset After Not Being Invited To Thing She Didn’t Want To Go To

29-year-old Annie Williams found herself in a bad mood Saturday night after learning that she had not been invited to a party that she didn’t want to attend in the first place.


Williams, who learned the party was happening through Instagram, was very upset that she had not received an invitation from any of her friends. Well aware that this was a company party for a firm that she doesn’t work for, she tells us she still would have appreciated an invitation.


“I definitely wouldn’t have attended because I wouldn’t have known anyone and I would have been totally miserable the whole time,” says Annie. “Also, it was on the other side of town. But would it kill them to ask?”


We spoke with Annie’s friends to see how they felt about the social sleight they had committed.


“She doesn’t work for this company,” said Mary Thompson, Annie’s best friend. “She’s my best friend, but it’s an office party for people who work here. I told her that.”


But common sense didn’t do Annie much good when she found herself alone on Saturday night, despite the fact that she actually had a wonderful evening by herself that included a relaxing bubble bath and finishing a good book by the fire.


“It was an ideal Saturday night, but I made that happen,” Annie tells us. “They still should have sent me a Facebook invite or something.”



Sources close to Annie confirm this isn’t the first time Annie has reacted this way.


“She got so mad when didn’t invite her to see the last Harry Potter movie with us,” says Darya Wells, Annie’s close friend. “But she hadn’t seen any of the others or read the books and thought the idea of a ‘boy wizard’ was stupid.”


“Annie flipped out when we didn’t include her in the email about midnight mass on Christmas Eve,” says Thompson. “Annie was out of the country at the time. Also, she’s Jewish.”


Still, Annie stays resolute that an invitation would have been appreciated.