Woman Dedicating Entire Life To Love Of Athletics Still Considered A ‘Tomboy’

Becca Lynch, a 21-year-old professional soccer player who has dedicated her entire life to the sport, is still lovingly considered a “tomboy” among family and friends.


“She’s always been into sports and all that, ever since she was a little girl,” said Lynch’s mother, Cheryl. “And I mean really, really into sports. Almost as if it was her passion. She’s such a tomboy!”


“Being an athlete fulfills me physically, mentally, and spiritually, and working toward my athletic goals brings meaning to my life,” she told us on her way to the gym at 5:30 a.m. “So yeah, I’m such a tomboy.”


One of Lynch’s best friends from middle school, Peter Siegal, remembers fondly the early days of their friendship.


“She always dressed up like other famous female tomboys like Mia Hamm, Serena Williams, Danica Patrick,” says Siegal. “Is she still doing the soccer thing? Man she hasn’t changed at all, such a tomboy!”



Lynch, who spends most of her time focusing on her health in order to have a long career on the field, hopes to one day have a family alongside her athletic career.


“It really would be great if she stopped kicking that ball around and gave me some grandkids!” joked Lynch’s mother. “I’m kidding, but it really would be nice for her to stop playing games all day and do something real. She’s getting a little old to still be doing this whole ‘tomboy’ thing.”


Professional predictions confirm Becca’s team is positioned to take home gold at the Tokyo games.