This Woman is Trying Out a New Scent and The Whole Subway Car Is Loving it!

woman subway

Pamela Joicey loves changing things up: The 23-year old is trying out a bold new perfume and everyone in the subway car she’s in is LOVING it!


“This is my first new perfume since college, so I’ve been using it a ton,” said Pamela. “And it seems to be working, the people on this train are definitely looking over at me and I can tell they’re into it!”


Joicey went on to describe the reactions she’s been getting from her fellow straphangers.


“Lots of folks have been sniffing around me and then holding back smiles, some have been looking at each other all like, who’s THAT girl?” she said. “I’m so glad they’re noticing I switched up my scent!”


“One lady even gave me her seat on the train,” she added. “It’s like, oh my god that is so unnecessary, there is hardly anybody on this side of the train right now!”


Despite Joicey’s assertion that everyone on the subway is into her new scent, many on the Manhattan bound R train are not as enthused as they appear.


“I can smell that she’s wearing something strong,” said commuter Martin Wurst. “In fact, I can practically taste it. This is exactly what I want out of my subway ride. I just can’t get enough!”


“We’re heading into the same coworking space,” added another subway rider, Samantha Leeds. “It kind of smells like cigarettes. I’m looking forward to enjoying this all day!”



“It’s tobacco,” exclaimed Joicey. “That’s so cool she noticed. I love a hard, musky scent.”


And while many on the train have moved further away and covered their noses with joy, Joicey seems none the wiser.


“I’m getting such a positive reaction so far,” she said. “And if the people in my subway car are loving it, then I guess I’ll have to keep applying it just like I did today!”


“Actually, it’s going to rain tomorrow,” she added. “Maybe I’ll take an Uber pool and see what they all think of it.”