4 Sensual Moves For The Bedroom That Whisper, ‘Dear God, Please Grab My Big Ass’

Guys love when you tell them exactly what turns you on in bed, so why not be specific? If you like when he puts his hands on your butt, which is big and you like that, then here are some moves that gently guide him towards grabbing a handful of that big, big booty of yours, which you love. Here are four sensual moves for the bedroom that whisper, “Dear god, please, please grab my big old ass!”


The Straddle

Have your partner sit up, then straddle him face to face. This position is particularly sensual because it allows you to kiss as you make love. He can put his hands on your thighs to guide you, and you can put his hands on your big butt to guide him! He’ll realize soon that this seated straddle is whispering, “Dear God please just put some of this big, perfect ass in your hands!”


The Wrap Around

Lie down facing each other, and wrap your leg around your dude’s hips. If you’re feeling low energy and are looking to make some tender love, this position is for you. He can wrap one arm around your waist and the other one can hold your head. Better yet, he can put one hand on one side of your big ass and the other on the other side of your big ass. As soon as you two get into this position, he’ll hear a soft voice calling out, “My god, please just hold on tight to this big-ass butt!”


The Sit Up

If you like to make eye-contact during sex, look no further than this intimate position. Both you and your partner should get into a crab position, with his legs under yours to stay connected while watching each other. Your butt will be slightly raised off the ground, which is a perfect opportunity for him to slide his hands under your big ass. This position begs, “Dude, my big ass is looking for some big sturdy hands, so put those ample hands on this ample ass!”


The Cute Spoons

Have you done the deed while spooning before? If not, buckle up because it is romantic and feels amazing! Have him to stay inside you and thrust against your vaginal wall. He’ll probably want to move his hand towards your clit to stimulate you, but lord knows all he has to do to get you coming is grab ahold o’ that big ass! Spooning sex screams out, “That’s MY big ass and now it’s YOUR big ass too so PLEASE, MY GOD, GRAB IT!”



Use these four sexy moves under the sheets to get your dude grabbin’ onto your sweet big ass! And if he doesn’t, it has nothing to do with your big ass, because you love your big booty and so does he! Shoutout to big fat asses, everywhere!!