5 Over-the-Top Valentine’s Day Gifts That Say, ‘I Know This Relationship is on Thin Ice’

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: If you’re in a floundering relationship, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is! So here are five way over-the-top V-Day gifts for your hunny that will say, “Look, I know this relationship is on thin ice.”


A Michelin-rated restaurant with a seven-course meal

Go overboard by bringing your date to the fanciest restaurant you can find and ordering the seven-course tasting menu! You’ll have to make your reservations early, which will prove you’re getting better at planning ahead than him, which he’s clearly shown he’s incapable of doing throughout this relationship. Plus, he’ll be so distracted with all those courses he’ll totally forget about the fight you just had in the cab – you know, the same fight you’ve had since the very beginning? You may just fix all your problems with this one!


Helicopter tour

If you’re thinking excessive, try taking your boo for a helicopter tour over your city! It’s an amazing and expensive way to see the place you used to call home together from a different perspective. If only he could see literally anything from your perspective. Plus, the adrenaline rush you’ll experience will be enough to temper the growing feelings of disdain, at least for the time being! Win-win!



Skywritten love poem

Do the most by hiring a pilot to write your sweetie’s favorite poem across the sky. It’s an incredible public acknowledgment of your appreciation, even if you have to literally yell at him to look up while he’s busy texting. Who cares about listening or trust issues – nobody will doubt your commitment to each other after such a “whoa, way too much, baby we need to talk” gesture!


Vacation to Bora Bora

If you’ve got money to burn and a failing relationship to mend, this lavish gift should fit the bill! Make sure you splurge on first class plane tickets and all-inclusive resorts. It’s pricey, but it’ll give you a pass on all his shortcomings that you’ve addressed many times but he refused to do anything about. Maybe you guys can temporarily forgive each other since this trip cost $26,000. Worth every penny!


Donated kidney

If worst comes to worst and you need to pull out all the stops to have any chance of salvaging this relationship, get truly extravagant by donating a kidney! He might not even need it (but maybe he does? I mean, have you even asked?) Literally, how could anyone stay mad when they have your organ inside of them? You’re totally gonna salvage this sinking ship!


If you know your relationship is teetering, and think an expensive but ultimately empty gesture will fix things, try one of these over-the-top Valentine’s Day gifts!