Wow! This Black Woman Has Had Bad Experiences With White People But Never Roamed Streets Looking for One to Murder

Some people take a horrid encounter with someone of a different race and turn it into a blind death vendetta, but not 26-year-old LeAndra Adkins: This inspiring, courageous black woman has had plenty of bad experiences with white people, but has never once decided to let one of them lead her to roam the streets seeking murderous revenge!


“Of course I’ve had white people be horrible to me,” said LeAndra. “Every black person I know has. But I’ve never even had an inkling of a desire to stalk my neighborhood at night, looking for a random white person to kill as atonement. That’s, like, sociopathic.”


Wow, we are incredibly impressed at LeAndra’s restraint from plotting an arbitrary racial homicide in the face of a bad thing happening to her once!


LeAndra went on to explain her audacious refusal to walk around explicitly searching for a white stranger to murder for the sins of another, entirely different white stranger.



“I’ve had white people call me racist names, I’ve had white people cut me in line, I’ve had white dudes grope me on public transportation,” said LeAndra. “At times I’ve honestly feared for my safety. But I guess I just never developed the type of subconscious race hate that it would take to turn those experiences into an excuse to commit murder against some white person who has never wronged me.”


“You would have to be a serious, overt racist for that kind of thing to even cross your mind,” she added.


You sure would, LeAndra!