Wow! This 40-Year-Old Woman Can Still Squeeze Into Her High School Locker!

Even though it’s been years since Alyssa was shoved into a locker, trash can, or toilet, Alyssa is still the same size she was in 1996 – tiny enough to be trapped inside the small storage unit she used for coats and books. And damn, we’re jealous!


While showing her oldest daughter, Amy, the halls of Jefferson Central High School, Alyssa just had to see if she could still fit in the locker she was shoved into, five days a week, for four years of her life.


Alyssa admitted it wasn’t easy to look at that skinny locker at first. “My old locker was still there. I wasn’t sure I was going to still fit inside but I stepped right in and fit like a glove with the hook pressed against my forehead just like the old days. My inscription of I hate everyone here was still carved inside.”


Although Alyssa does have an insane metabolism fueled by an anxiety disorder her therapist attributes to childhood trauma, she also eats healthy and exercises every day. Alyssa revealed that she got used to skipping lunch in high school and just kinda never went back.


We wish we were so disciplined!



“It’s hard to know if your body’s changed, with vanity sizing and changing styles, but now I know I’m still my same size as my high school asthmatic self. That’s pretty cool. I bet Heather Samples can’t say that.”


As the years go by most of us probably can’t fit into our high school lockers anymore but Alyssa Rogers shows us that anything is possible. You go girl!