Woman Worried About TikTok Having Her Private Data Switches to Facebook Watch

27-year-old Colleen Smith was worried about her private data being in the hands of TikTok, so she decided to make the switch to the more trustworthy, US-owned Facebook Watch.


“I feel uncomfortable with TikTok having access to my personal information,” Colleen shared. “I’m making the switch to Facebook Watch and I think everyone else should do the same. I just feel like I can trust Facebook.”


It’s like they say: giant tech companies are a girl’s best friend!


Upon hearing rumors of a TikTok ban, Colleen decided to take action sooner rather than later, saying, “I love posting cute videos to TikTok, but I don’t want them in my personal business! I just worry about TikTok sharing my data. Facebook would never do that, right?”


Nothing is more inspiring than a woman who cares about her own data!


Since the question of TikTok’s security has been posed, Colleen has been posting her vlogs to Facebook Watch instead.


“I trust Mark Zuckerberg,” Colleen said. “I mean, I use WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook because I feel like Mark probably has my best interests in mind.”


TikTok has become the leading social media app for videos, but with TikTok’s congressional hearing heating up, the public is wondering: could Facebook Watch be TikTok’s successor? Colleen thinks so.


“TikTok was cool in 2020, but I don’t know if I trust them to protect the information I post on their site for everyone to see,” Colleen explained. “I’m a fierce protector of my privacy, so that’s why I’d rather use the platform that all of my oldest relatives use. Some of them have gotten their accounts hacked into, but it wasn’t the end of the world!”


Protect what’s yours, queen!



Colleen, who has also never read any app’s terms of service before, expressed concern about how TikTok protects user privacy.


“I’m super worried about how TikTok is using my data,” Colleen shared. “Even the name “Facebook Watch” just makes me feel safe.”


Look out TikTok – Facebook is watching!