Woman Thinking About Getting Tattoo for The Past Ten Years

Amelia Smythe reached an important milestone this week: the Brooklyn native has been thinking about getting a tattoo for a full ten years now.


“I’ve always thought about getting a tattoo,” Smythe says. “I wanted a butterfly when I was sixteen. In college, I thought it’d be cool to get a tribal design on my lower back? These days I’m thinking of a small wrist tattoo… I’m still thinking it over.”


According to friends, Smythe has often tossed and turned in bed late at night pondering what the right tattoo and location to represent her most special truth.


“At one point she thought a tattoo behind her ear would be cute,” best friend Jeanna Bleecker says. “But then she realized she wants to be able to look at her tattoo, but that was five years ago. I don’t know, it’s been a decade-long ordeal.”


Later, Smythe announced that she didn’t want to have to look at her tattoo if she didn’t feel like it, so decided the upper thigh was the best spot, but has since changed her mind again.


“One of my best friends got a dolphin leaping over a sunset on her back. At first I thought that was really tacky, but then I thought it was kind of cool?” Smythe says. “Or maybe not. I don’t know. I’m definitely seriously considering a tattoo, though.”



Smythe has said she feels pressure to have a tattoo since so many of her friends do.


“Yeah, sometimes I lie and say I have a tattoo, and just tell people it’s somewhere they can’t see,” she explains. “But then I’ll be hooking up with a guy and he’ll be like, where’s the Kurt Vonnegut quote on your butt? And I have to admit that I made it up.”


“I know some day it’ll happen. Finally the right tattoo idea will hit me like a lightning bolt,” she says. “Wait, should get a lightning bolt? No, that’s fucking stupid.”