Whoa. This Totally Badass Free Spirit Is Thinking About Getting a Tattoo

28-year old Megan Hamilton has always been proud of her fun loving and edgy personality. But now this totally free spirit is taking her openness up a notch and considering getting a tattoo.


Ummm, could this boundary-breaking babe get any more badass?


“I’ve always wanted a tattoo,” says Megan. “But I’ve been so scared of the pain! This time I really think I’m going to do it. I mean, I think!”


Whoa. Megan’s like a regular Kat Von D over here!


Hamilton isn’t totally sure what the tattoo would be, but she thinks she’d get either a “little feather on my wrist” or “a couple stars on my foot”.


“But again, I haven’t decided if I’m going to do it,” she adds. “There’s so much to think about! What if I get tired of it?? Also, will it hurt?”


Friends of Hamilton are waiting on the edge of their seats to see what this absolute rebel is going to get inked.


“I hope she goes with the feather,” says one friend, Monique LeChance. “But man, just the fact that she’s considering getting a tattoo is badass and dope as hell.”


When asked if she had any tats of her own, LeChance responded: “Oh yeah I have seven.”


Other friends are not so sure Hamilton will make it happen.


“Last year we decided to get matching ones together but she chickened out at the last minute so I just have a totally random tattoo on my foot,” says longtime friend Patrick Matlin. “But if she’s thinking about getting one again, I mean yeah, that rocks!”



One thing’s for sure: Hamilton is a totally rebellious, brave-ass biatch who isn’t afraid to take risks! In fact, she has some other cool-as-hell maverick moves to make in the near future.


“I’m thinking about shaving the little area by my neck under my hair,” she says. “But I don’t know I’m scared. Wouldn’t it be cool, though?”


Hell yeah it would be, you crazy freak!