How To Totally Freak Out Your Therapist By Getting Better

Going to therapy is a weekly routine many people cherish. It is healthy to have a designated time every week you set aside to prioritize what’s been feeling difficult for you. And if you’re new to therapy, your therapist is trained to help you through dark moments. Of course, you can flip the script and totally freak them out by getting better all of a sudden! Here’s how:


Show Up Looking Well Rested

Never in the history of the world has anyone shown up to therapy looking like they slept well, so why not throw your therapist for a loop by coming in looking like you weren’t up until 4am looking at your ex’s new girlfriend’s brother’s Instagram? Your therapist will be so shocked you actually did something to take care of yourself, they will spiral out of control, wondering what purpose they can now serve in this world.



Your therapist has probably never seen you smile. Maybe once, through tears, in one of those cry-laughs where you say, “God, I can’t believe I’m crying over this?” In any case, next time you head to your session, walk in with a big grin on your face. Your therapist will be so shocked she will have to call her therapist to talk through the emotions she’s experiencing. She didn’t even know you were capable of smiling! It’s freaking her out!!


Make a Joke

It’s a friday morning at 10am, so your therapist is expecting you to come in desperate to debrief about the week you just had. But what happens if you turn the tables and tell her a funny joke. She’ll laugh, and then realize you told a joke, then probably cry, then have a mental breakdown. Hell yeah! Way to rock the boat, bitch!


Tell Them You’re Excited for the Future

Has any therapist ever had a patient express optimism for the future? No! So be the first. It will fuck her up. When she realized this is actually working for you, she’ll completely panic that you don’t need her anymore and are somehow cured of every mental ailment you’ve ever experienced! Fuck yeah!



Use these tips to completely ruin your therapist by just feeling better next time you’re there. And if you don’t foresee this happening, we get it! Life is hard and maybe you actually need this session to work through something! To each his own!