QUIZ: Should You Just Give Up or Continue On In The Hopes Of Becoming America’s Next Top Model?

When the world seems to be working against you, it can be difficult to pursue the things you’re passionate about. Maybe you have your sights set on a dream job, but are having trouble motivating yourself. It is important to ask yourself whether it is worth just tossing in the towel or laying it down on the beach and posing because you could potentially win a modeling contract with Next Model Management. Take this quiz to decide if it’s time to give up or keep on trying for a slot on ANTM:


Are you tired, and feeling like you’re reaching burnout?

  1. Yes, I have been working in my discipline for nine years and have yet to make the progress I want to make.
  2. Yes, this has been the most intense journey of my life but it was cool meeting Tyra and I’m going to keep doing my best for as long as ANTM will have me. To be clear, I am a model on America’s Next Top Model, and I am here to win.


Do you still think your goals are realistic, given your talent and experience?

  1. I am still hopeful things will turn around for me, but I have to face the facts that maybe it is time to recalibrate and focus on a more attainable goal, like going into marketing.
  2. I never thought a young girl from Idaho would make it to television let alone the top six, so I’m in no place to settle. Until Tyra cuts me, I am continuing on, bitch, in the freaking hopes of getting a modeling contract and then falling off the face of the planet!


Are you being challenged still?

  1. At this point I am no longer invigorated by my work, so no, I am not being challenged.
  2. Of course, yesterday I had to swim with killer sharks and hold my breath for four full minutes. I passed out but told the EMTs it was really important to me that I finished the shoot. It was challenging, but afterwards Tyra did confirm “I have what it takes and will continue on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model.”


What’s next for you?

  1. I’m not sure. I think I’m going to humbly lower my expectations and pursue something a bit more attainable.
  2. When I win, I’m never going to be seen again by anybody because no contestant in the past 24 seasons has actually made it as a model. Also, I will spend the next year frantically trying to grow out my pixie cut, because I hate it, and Tyra made me do it.




Mostly As: Life comes at you fast, and that’s okay. It’s hard to realize you may not be doing as well as you planned to, but you can still live a good life with good people.


Mostly Bs: Bitch, you could definitely win this reality modeling competition hosted by Tyra Banks! Tyra is rooting for you! We are all rooting for you! How dare you quit now?