How to Go Vegan Unless There’s Goat Cheese

Whether you are giving up animal products for ethical reasons or health reasons, it is important to set yourself up for success. Though temptation can arise, it’s important to remember why you’re going vegan in order to keep yourself focused and disciplined. However, if you see goat cheese, all bets are off and no one can technically fault you because it is a perfect food and tastes so damn good. Here’s how to go vegan – unless there’s goat cheese within a two-mile radius.


Plan your meals.

It can be hard to find something vegan to eat on the go, so your best bet is to bring snacks with you if you’re worried about being tempted by a Snickers bar. Be smart! Unless your coworker brings in a cheese plate that includes a delicious soft truffled goat cheese selection for someone’s birthday. No one will judge you! Goat cheese is the best food in the world and everyone gets it.


Let People Know Your Dietary Restrictions

Before you head to a dinner party, make sure you let the host know about your dietary restrictions. You don’t want to have that conversation after someone roasted a chicken for you! Make sure you thank them profusely, especially after they see you gorging on their goat cheese pre-dinner spread after they went out of their way to make a vegan dish for you. If they look confused, just point to the goat cheese, and they’ll understand.



Never Assume Someone Can Accommodate You

While many people might go out of their way to make you a vegan meal, that isn’t always true. Offer to bring your own meal, which, incidentally, is just a tupperware full of drunken goat cheese. Whoa, did you even know they could do that with cheese? This shit is TIGHT. So what if your vegan ass has been eating goat cheese every meal for the past week? It’s goat cheese!!


Here’s how to go vegan except for when goat cheese is in the picture, which it always is, because you bring it wherever you go. Goat cheese is the GOAT, and that’s just true!