Woman Taken to Shower for Emergency Leg Shave

27-year-old Ashley Warner had resigned herself to a quiet Friday night alone when she found herself being rushed to the shower for an emergency leg shave.


The evening that was to be spent catching up on the last four episodes of Orange is the New Black was interrupted with a text bearing unexpected news: Blake Fitzgerald, the bartender Warner had been casually seeing, wanted to know what she was up to. Suddenly, she was being ushered into the shower.


“One minute, I was sitting on my bed ordering Seamless, the next minute I found myself being rushed to the shower to remove all of my leg hair,” says Warner. “I agree that it was a necessity, but I wasn’t expecting such a whirlwind.”



“At first I didn’t know what was happening,” said Warner. “But once I realized this hookup was on, everything changed.” Warner had been suffering from laziness, and was fully planning on letting her leg hair thicken and grow.


Because of the rushed nature of the shave, Warner experienced complications during the procedure.


“As soon as it was over, I realized a patch on my knee had been missed,” explains Warner. “But after examining the situation and the time crunch, a ‘whatever’ call was made.”


Warner says that despite the stress involved, the procedure was absolutely necessary. While Warner had been planning on wearing jeans, the risk that they would come off during her hot and steamy make out sesh with Fitzgerald were very real.


“I’m glad it happened,” smiles Warner. “It was about time for me to shave my legs, anyways.”


As of press time, Warner’s legs had already become prickly even though she shaved five hours ago.