Boyfriend Blows Rom-Com Plot Wide Open

An otherwise routine viewing of 27 Dresses by Sarah Kessler and her boyfriend, Andrew Sorenson was disrupted after Sorenson blew the entire plot wide open, citing “numerous holes” throughout the popular film.


Sorenson, who was operating under the assumption that a person willingly watching a Katherine Heigl movie would care about plausibility, was quick to point out logical and emotional flaws inherent in the light romantic comedy.


“It’s not like I think it deserves an Oscar or anything,” Kessler explains. “But Andrew was determined to point out every flaw of the movie, like how ridiculous it is that anyone could possibly know 27 people well enough to be their bridesmaid in the first place.”


Kessler alleges that she tried explaining suspension of disbelief to Sorenson, only to have him retort he wasn’t interested in movies that stifled critique, saying, “No one should have to blindly accept a dumb premise,” and “It’s completely illogical.”


“If Katherine Heigl and her sister are so close, why doesn’t she tell him she’s in love with her boss?” he asked, shedding light on a previously undiscovered problem in the Teen Choice Award-winning movie. “And if her best friend is so great, why doesn’t she discourage her from pursuing the boss since he treats her like crap? I don’t think James Marsden was driving fast enough to hydroplane the car.”


Kessler’s roommate overheard Kessler gently trying to explain that 27 Dresses was just a fun movie with no further aspirations and doesn’t deserve close scrutiny.



“It just feels like there’s an interesting movie about feminism and the industrial wedding complex waiting to get out,” Sorenson sighs, adding that if they were going to watch a complex film about marriage the least they could do was rewatch Gone Girl. “I haven’t stopped thinking about that movie since we first saw it.”


Sorenson did concede that he did enjoy the performance of Judy Greer as the best friend, who up to that point he had only known from Arrested Development, a show he describes as “a classic”.