This New Dating App Takes All The Men You Reject and Puts Them in a Fantasy Football League For Some Reason

Developers have launched an app, The End Zone, which is the first dating app in history to compile a list of female users’ rejected partners and then place said rejects into a fantasy football league for some reason.


“We thought it was about time to take a fresh look at dating in the digital world,” creator Tyler Martin explains. “So I thought, ‘No one has done this yet, right?’ It might be fun or something.”


After just a week of being on the market, over 20 million users have created profiles on The End Zone in the hopes of finding their perfect match, or whatever the point of the app is.


“The app is pretty revolutionary,” says End Zone user Carina Weiss. “I haven’t gone on any dates with the men I’ve met on it, but I’ve gotten notifications about sixteen different fantasy football leagues since I created my profile. Is this how it’s supposed to work?”


While some users have been quick to herald the service as a significant development in modern dating, others have been skeptical regarding the app’s premise.



“I’ve never watched football before,” says Jen Rollins, who created a profile the day of the app’s launch. “I keep getting all of these emails about different fantasy leagues that I need to check up on, and it’s starting to stress me out pretty badly. A guy in one of my leagues called to yell at me about not responding to one of his trade requests. I was like, so you don’t want to go on a date, then?”


At press time, developers were still unable to present a logical reason for their app to function in the way that it does. But it’s expected to grow in popularity because users will “try anything, I guess.”