Woman Explains ‘Pretty Normal’ Shower to Houseguest

Last Thursday, Ann Arbor, Michigan resident Georgy Roberts reportedly gave an extensive, comprehensive explanation of how to work her shower to houseguest Sadie Rham. By Roberts’s own account, the shower is “pretty normal,” but that didn’t stop the gracious host from describing its functions and controls in a full five-minute demonstration.


“Here’s the shower, it’s pretty normal,” said Roberts, in what Rham expected would be the beginning and end of the shower explanation.


“You turn it to the left for hot water, to the right for cold water. In between right and left for warm water. Pretty standard stuff,” Roberts continued.


A witness who walked past the bathroom while the event unfolded, reported that Rham was heard repeating phrases such as “thank you,” “cool,” and “got it,” presumably in an effort to signal her understanding of the shower and end Roberts’ exposition.


“I’m only staying with Georgy for one night,” said Rham. “Honestly, I wasn’t even planning to shower, but when she started explaining how to work it, I didn’t say anything because I thought it would be over soon.”


Rham’s prediction was swiftly disproven as Roberts endeavored to explain every minute detail of how to use her extremely conventional and common shower.


“When you turn it on it will come out of the faucet and into the tub,” Roberts said. “To make the water come out of the shower head you just pull the knob out. Here, I’ll just show you.”


Roberts demonstrated the pulling out of the shower head four times while Rham, having given up on verbal cues of recognition, nodded along.


When questioned on why she felt inclined to give such a thorough rundown of her self-described normal shower, Roberts stuck by her decision.


“From my perspective, my shower is completely intuitive,” Roberts said. “But I use it every day. To an outsider, this shower might be overwhelming and confusing. I just wanted to save Sadie time by explaining it instead of having her tinker around with it later.”


Before Roberts left the bathroom she explained how to turn on the fan by flipping a switch, and ran through a series of contingency plans in case the shower ran out of hot water.


“So enjoy freshening up, and if you need clean clothes to change into, you’re welcome to use the laundry machine,” said Roberts. “It’s pretty normal but let me walk you through it now, just in case.”