I Clapped Back at My Body Shamers So Hard, I Finally Reached My Goal Weight

I’ve always had trouble loving my body the way it is, curves and all. My whole life, I’ve caught myself staring at skinny women, dreaming of the day I’d join their ranks. But then one day last year, a group of guys on the subway started making fun of me for wearing skinny jeans, and for the first time, instead of staying silent, I decided to stand up for my body. That’s right – I clapped back. In fact, I clapped back at those body shamers so long and hard I finally reached my goal weight!


I’m now exactly the weight at which I can feel sexy and lovable!


For those of you who don’t know, “clapping back” is when someone insults you and instead of allowing your self-esteem to crumple, you stand strong and insult them back. So when that group of guys told me I should wear looser clothes, I told them it didn’t matter what clothes they wore at all because they were ugly on the inside and that’s the kind of ugly you can’t ever change.


It felt so good to finally confront my haters and embrace my body just the way it is, especially because all that yelling burned around 9,000 calories and now I’m a size 4, instead of a size 8.


Before my clap back, I’d spent my life trying to hide. I felt so ashamed of my body. I wore dark clothes and big coats and tried to just blend into the background. But since clapping back, I’ve gained the confidence to wear what I want when I want – mostly because I look so damn good in everything now that I’m skinnier. But after clapping vigorously for three days straight, with breaks for sleep and a light snacks, I toned my arms and slimmed down to the shape where I really feel “myself”.



If I had known how easy it is to clap back and how amazing it feels to shed pounds by standing up for myself, I would have started clapping back years ago. It’s life changing. Like, how do more people not know about this weight-loss strategy?


At the very least, I hope my experience standing up to my haters can serve as an inspiration to other women with body-image issues. Hopefully, they can hear my story and know that if they clap back hard enough, and refuse to take shit from people who shame them for their bodies, they too can reach their goal weights.


Anyway, I have to go now. It’s summer, so I need to go clap back harder than ever to get my body bikini-ready. I’m on my way to becoming a stronger, healthier and incidentally also smaller person!