Woman Hopes No One Thinks She’s Weird for Dancing on the Dance Floor Where Everyone Else Is Dancing

In a developing story out of the club, New York City resident Alex Warners confessed that she hopes nobody thinks she’s acting weird by dancing out on a packed dance floor that is already crowded with other dancers.


“But what if everyone sees me out here dancing and thinks I’m being weird?” asked Alex, while jumping up and down next to at least 100 other people who were also jumping up and down.


Reporters noted that some people were dancing more enthusiastically than her, and some were dancing less enthusiastically than her, so she really didn’t stand out as looking weird and doing too much, or awkward and doing too little. She was dancing in the way a human does, in a situation universally deemed acceptable to be doing so.


Alex admitted that existing in public in general is pretty tough for her, so moving her body around at a faster and more unpredictable rate than usual is a nightmare.


“Even if I look normal, I’m still being perceived in public, so I guess that’s what I’m finding difficult about the whole situation,” she said, blending into the crowd so seamlessly that she was almost invisible to the naked eye. 


She continued, saying, “The Cha Cha Slide came on and when it said ‘One hop this time!’ I did one hop, along with everyone else in the room. Do you think people thought that was super weird and off-putting of me?”


Friends who were at the club with Alex said that she had no reason at all to feel self-conscious. 


“She danced when she was supposed to be dancing and got a drink at the appropriate times,” said Alex’s friend Dani. “Though, I think there’s something to be said about caring too much about doing things ‘normally’ or ‘the right way’ and that maybe I do, perhaps, judge Alex a little bit for conforming too much to societal expectations.”



However, Dani, wisely, didn’t voice any of this to Alex, as it would surely send her into existential spiral Dani’s not sure her friend could climb her way out of.


At press time, Alex had left the club after having a great time, in spite of her worries, and took the subway home. However, she couldn’t shake the feeling that everyone was looking at her and judging her for holding the pole in a weird way.