Woman Expecting Breakup Text Receives Beautiful, Handwritten Breakup Letter

handwritten letter - reductress

Sarah Lloyd was surprised and touched to receive a beautiful, handwritten breakup letter this Monday. Lloyd, who had sensed that a breakup was coming with boyfriend Thomas Scott, had been expecting to receive the information via text and was completely thrown off and charmed by the beautiful letter.


“After all we’ve been through, I expected him to break up with me in a more convenient way. I expected him to be like all the other guys, but I guess I underestimated him.”


Lloyd was brimming with curiosity as she clumsily opened the envelope, a task she had forgotten how to even do.


“My last wedding invitation wasn’t even this nice. And this letter probably traveled through the mail for three days, which explains why he’s been respectfully avoiding me since Friday.”



The letter itself was full of devastatingly poetic sentiments that could make even a cynic weep. He wrote that he had felt “his heartstrings twinge the very first time he’d laid eyes on [Sarah]”, but at this point in his life he just had to travel the globe, volunteer in third-world countries and experience his youth.


Scott added that he would never forget Sarah, and would always carry a deep respect for her. He hoped that she would remember him too, and that they could reunite again someday when the timing was different.


“How am I even supposed to show this to my friends? If this was in a text, we could all trash him over email but with this I sort of feel like I just need to let myself be sad and process it on my own.”


The bottom of the letter, where Scott had signed his name in a beautiful, handwritten signature, was even dotted with the tears he’d cried while writing the painful and affectionate breakup note.


Sources confirmed Lloyd attempted to digitize the letter by taking a photo, before giving up and filing it away in her scrapbook.


“It’s pretty obvious from this gesture that what we had was worthwhile, while it lasted.”