Girl Math? Woman Can Afford Snickers Bar but Not Paper Towels

Budgeting is a great way to determine how much you’re able to spend each month – but it doesn’t look the same for everyone! For example, 26-year-old Naomi Perez has enough money to buy a daily Snickers bar, but absolutely nowhere near enough funds to purchase paper towels every week.


Naomi explained her budgeting methodology to reporters, saying, “It’s easy! I can afford to buy candy bars every day because they’re yummy and also $1! But paper towels are, like, what? $3 per roll, or $12 for a pack of six? Where am I supposed to find that kind of cash? Plus, I kind of already spent a bunch on candy bars.”


Yeah, that makes sense!


While many individuals consider paper towels to be a necessary and relatively cheap household staple, Naomi doesn’t see it that way.


“It just seems like a waste to spend my hard-earned money on something super boring like paper towels,” Naomi said. “Money’s pretty tight right now, so I have to cut out things that aren’t adding to my life.”


Being able to easily clean up household messes and spills is out, eating a delicious candy bar every day is in!


Other items that are almost universally considered “necessary” that Naomi deems too “boring” to be able to afford include: dish soap, toothpaste, and the laundromat that charges $1 per wash.


“Well, toothpaste’s a no-go because I’m pretty sure I can still death-grip some more out of the crumpled tube I already have!” Naomi said, when asked how she determines what is and isn’t within her price range. “Think about it like this: a daily $7 latte: duh! That’s creamy and delicious and only $7! $5 to commute to and from work every day: uh, no way. $5? Every day? To stand on a train? That’s not feasible. I’ll just hop the turnstile.”


We love a woman who has a loose, near nonsensical grasp on what she can and can’t afford!



At press time, Naomi had shelled out $40 to go to the zoo because “zoo equals fun” but failed to pay off her credit card debt for the fifth month in a row, saying, “I already used my credit card to buy a bunch of Snickers, what’s paying it off now going to do?”


Now that’s a financially savvy mind at work!