Woman Books Only Two Plans of the Year on Same Day

In deeply troubling news coming out of San Diego, CA, 27-year-old Missy Lee has planned two of the only social events she has going on this entire year for the exact same day.


Missy reportedly made plans to go to one single day of a music festival and her friend’s birthday party on August 23rd, despite there being a whole 365 days in a year.


“I wasn’t thinking about the concerts when I agreed to go to my friend’s party,” Missy told us. “I mean, it was the only plan I made for the whole entire year. Like, what are the odds?”


According to reports, the odds were very bad. Meanwhile, Missy is trying to figure out how to go to both events without missing anything.


“I’m thinking about going to the music festival for a few hours and then going to my friend’s party afterwards,” she told reporters. “Or maybe I can bounce back and forth the whole day, y’know, sitcom style!”



Luckily, we were also able to speak with Missy’s friend about her easily avoidable predicament.


“Missy barely goes out, like, ever,” Jamie told us. “So the fact that she double booked herself isn’t that surprising. It’s probably the only day she was willing to do something that’s not staying at home and reading a book or something.”


However, for Missy, the crisis she’s facing is not that simple.


“On one hand, I paid $120 to go to this music festival to see Megan Thee Stallion,” Missy said. “And on the other hand, Jamie has always been a really good friend to me. I just really wish I used my planner more often.”


At press time, Missy just committed herself to skydive on the same day her niece graduates high school next year.