Influencer Tells Women Not to Compare Their Bodies in Caption of Photo of Her Smooth, Juicy Ass

With the influx of influencer culture, many women experience the curse of comparison anytime they open up social media apps, reinforcing years of messaging about how a woman’s worth is dependent on her having the “perfect” body. But one brave influencer is taking a unique stand and telling her followers that all bodies are valid in the caption of a bikini photo of her smooth, juicy ass.


“Your body is the perfect body for you,” says 23-year-old Michaela Peters. “My body is the perfect body for me, and also just the perfect body in general. Mm, just look at it. It’s great, right?”



Michaela went on to tell her followers to lift other women up, even if they will never have a perfect dump trunk of an ass like hers.


Due to the positive feedback from the post, the influencer followed up in a few hours with a new post thanking her followers for their kind words. In this post, she is seen from behind wearing bike shorts while looking back at her absolute fatty, popsicle in hand, with the caption “practicing self-care and body neutrality” followed by the prayer hands emoji.


“Loving your body should be easy no matter what it looks like,” Michaela explains. “It’s easy to love my body because I have the perfect sized waist and an ass that makes Kim Kardashian look poor.”


“Our bodies tell the story of our lives, and it’s a life that we’re all worthy of living, even if your backside looks like a sad barren wasteland, unlike my bountiful ass oasis.”


The most recent post received comments of several singular peach emojis, as well as a plethora of “you go girl!”’s and many moving statements from followers about how her confidence is inspiring them to love their bodies as well, even though their flat pancake butts will never compare to her ripe hairless badonkadonk.


Society has a long way to go regarding body neutrality, but luckily there are brave women out there willing to be vulnerable in sharing their immaculate rump o’ smooth skin with the world.


While it may take decades for women to de-program the toxic messaging they have received their entire lives, we can find hope in this influencer taking the steps to lead the change for women everywhere to love themselves as they are.


“I only hope that one post at a time, showing the world my plump manicured fart box,” Michaela says, “I can help everyone learn to love and accept themselves a little bit more. Or do more squats — whatever feels right!”