Woman Asks For Googleable Directions As Though Technology Nonexistent

Earlier today, 23-year-old Taliah Mancini asked a friend for perfectly Googleable directions, as though modern technology were completely unavailable to her.


“We decided to meet this chill, quirky bar in the Marigny called Mimi’s,” says friend Neeta Maruti. “Then out of nowhere Taliah just asks, ‘What’s the address?’ as though she’d never heard of Google maps, or technology did not exist.”


“I just wanted to make sure I was going to the right place,” says Mancini, even though there’s only one Mimi’s in the Marigny and therefore only one address at which it could be located.


“Taliah has had 14 years to figure out Google Maps,” says Maruti. “So why is she asking me to type in directions for her like she didn’t just text me on a phone? I mean, the very phone she texted me on has the directions inside of it.”


Mancini continued to act as though technology was not a thing by asking, “How long does it take to get there?”


“What?! You know how long it takes to get there,” says Maruti. “Just put the directions into your phone, which I’m assuming you paid good money to use, and your phone will tell you everything – the address, how to get there and how long it takes. Why the fuck are you trying to make me do it for you? It’s literally faster to do it yourself.”


Hearing Maruti’s frustrated tone, Mancini shrugged.



“Yes, I knew my phone existed, but beyond that I had no knowledge of its use,” she says. “I always assumed my friends got their information about where things were by word of mouth – hm, now that I’m saying that out loud it seems wrong.”


“Exactly, that’s wrong,” says Maruti. “Making people give you directions to anyplace with a Googleable address is insanity, and an affront to the history of human technology. It’s inconceivable. I’m sorry, I actually can’t continue this interview right now, I’m getting too emotional.”


At the conclusion of the interview, while Maruti went off to collect herself, Mancini could be seen trying to withdraw money at the bank teller window instead of just using the ATM.