Even Pointy ‘S’ Drawing Thing From Middle School to Wed This Summer

Lately, all your friends from growing up seem to be getting married. And the popular and beloved pointy ‘S’ drawing thing you guys used to doodle all day is no exception. According to rumors first heard from your high school bestie, the pointy ‘S’ thing is marrying her college boyfriend, who works in finance.


The pointy ‘S’ that took you three periods and lunch to master drawing has already purchased a townhouse with Mark, which they plan on flipping in order to establish greater equity toward a larger home in the future. Mark wants to have at least three kids and pointy ‘S’ says she’s down for two and will see how she feels from there. Your friends say Mark is really nice and drives a green Maserati.


The pointy ‘S’ that covered all your notebooks is currently working at an art gallery after majoring in art history, but after her and Mark wed on Martha’s Vineyard in August she may choose to settle down and focus on family for awhile. Mark and the sharp ‘S’ that you thought was so cool but didn’t really know what it stood for, are hiring a nine-piece swing orchestra for their reception. The wedding will have a clambake theme and bridesmaids (four of which are your friends from high school who are also getting married this summer) will be wearing coral. You have not yet received an invite.



According to your mom who is friends with the pointy S’s mom on Facebook, the pointy ‘S’ is as thin as ever but she’s still planning on losing a few points for the wedding. She and Mark will honeymoon in Bali. Your mom thinks maybe if you moved back closer to home you’d have better dating options.


The pointy ‘S’ and her fiancé are writing their own wedding vows in an acrostic style, with every word starting with the letter ‘S’.