Why The Jonas Brothers Inspired Me to Also Reunite with My Estranged Family Members

I never entertained the idea of reestablishing a relationship with my toxic family. We severed ties after years of hearbreaking arguments, lies and manipulation and I ultimately decided the only way forward was to be on my own. That was, until, I saw the Jonas Brothers decided to get the band back together for a new album – and now I feel inspired to let bygones be bygones and reunite with my estranged, horrible family.


Rumors of a Jonas Brothers reunion circulated around for months, but I couldn’t let them get my hopes up: It took Beyoncé’s SuperBowl halftime performance to bring Destiny’s Child back together, and that was just like, two minutes. If these groups of talented artists could barely hold it together, what chance did my estranged family and I have?


But then, when I heard the official news, everything changed. All of a sudden, the idea of being estranged from my family suddenly seemed so silly, and the reality of us sharing a kitchen table (my brother, Tommy, destroyed the kitchen table in 2006) suddenly felt possible. If the Jonas Brothers can get back together, so can mine. That’s why I took the liberty of inviting my horrible alcoholic mother who I have not talked to in six years over for dinner. It just made sense to do that.


I’ve processed my family’s estrangement through extensive therapy and setting clear boundaries in all my relationships, but nothing has been more helpful than seeing that the JoBros are getting back together to make me realize that that was all fucking wrong! I hope they play song ‘Year 3000’ live, which felt like the earliest year I would have even considered reaching out to my narcissist mom. At least that was the case before this reunion was announced.


The group explained that their conflict was resolved in Australia last year during Joe’s time as a judge on The Voice Australia. When Kevin met Joe and Nick in Australia, they resolved things. I bet if I fly to my parents and meet them unexpectedly, the same surprise factor would resolve our familial dysfunctions.



Wish me luck, both as I board this plane to see my family for the first time since I got emancipated, and also as enter the super fan presale for the JoBros tour!