I Got into School Solely on Merit and Also Being Willing to Pay a Shit Ton of Money

This college admissions scandal in the news is so shocking. I can’t imagine trying to buy your way into college (some of these people paid over a MILLION dollars!). I got into college entirely based on a hard-earned 2.5 grade average, one extra-curricular, and my parent’s willingness to pay roughly $50k a year.


I don’t know where these people get off trying to game the system. I mean, the slots they took could’ve gone to some other deserving student, for example, someone like me who managed to pass their classes through extra credit and tutors that my parents provided.


It’s crazy the lengths to which some people will go to give their kids the best. Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your kid into Harvard is insane! If you’re gonna pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, it should go toward your tuition at Harvard, obviously. People can be so stupid.



Can you believe that some of these parents hid it from their kids that they were faking their SAT scores? My parents were fully honest with me that I had to earn my SAT score, through the test prep classes they bought me that taught me all of the tricks of the test. It’s that kind of work ethic that helped me succeed in college and in law school (I got a tutor before I took the LSATs, too)


Our education institutions really need to examine what they stand for if they’re flooded primarily with rich kids. There are a lot of other kids who also deserve access to a good education, including upper-middle class people like me whose parents moved to an expensive neighborhood with good schools for the duration of my childhood but rationally stopped short of committing fraud.


These revelations are abysmal. Felicity Huffman should be ashamed. But I am comforted that I never had to stoop to such privileged lengths to get where I am in life, attending a school that my dad also went to and has donated to over the years.