‘Why is My TikTok For You Page All Lesbians?’ Asks Woman Who is About to Realize Why

After an hour of scrolling through TikTok on a Sunday afternoon, 22-year-old Makayla Matthews finally had to ask: “Why is my For You page completely made up of lesbians?”


The answer was simple, but Makayla didn’t know it yet.


“Every time I log on to the app, I always see a lot of TikToks that are either couples or ‘thirst traps’ of different women,” Makayla explains. “I mean, yeah, I usually like them, but I like a lot of other TikToks too! Like cottagecore picnics in the woods or reactions to Mitski lyrics.”


“The only times I see men on the app is when they’re fancams of different celebrities,” Makayla continues. “One of my favorites was Stanley Tucci. I love that guy!”


When reached for comment, Makayla’s friend Porsha reported she, too, was unable to shine light on the perplexing situation.


“Makayla doesn’t really pay attention to guys very much, but she loves talking to other women,” Porsha says. “I’m not sure what that means though! We also have a really intense friendship.”


For sure.


“It’s funny because I usually get TikToks of girls with short hair and really pretty smiles.” Makayla recounts. “I guess that means I secretly want to get a pixie cut or something? Haha.”


While confused about the algorithm, Makayla still stays on the app for hours at a time.


When asked if the reason she keeps getting new content from #lesbiantiktok everyday might be because she’s a lesbian herself, Makayla answered, “What? No, I’m straight. I mean everyone is attracted to women of course, but that’s just because women are attractive. Oh, wait…”


Hopefully, Makayla will be able to fully enjoy her For You page now that she knows it is literally for her! Wow, technology is amazing!