Why I’m Watching ‘Sister Act 2’ Instead of Going to a Protest, Hear Me Out

Countless numbers of people have taken to the streets in the past few weeks in support of racial justice and police reform, which is so great and so important. Democracy in action! But there is a multitude of ways you can support the movement that don’t involve leaving your home. That’s why I’ve chosen to watch the 1993 sequel to the hit nun-based comedy Sister Act, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit – please bear with me.


I’m sure you’re thinking the obvious question. Why the sequel and not the original, right? Well, because America is currently experiencing the sequel to the civil rights movement! This moment in time will be looked back on as the next organized movement to end racial discrimination and gain equal rights under the law for all black Americans. It will be in all the textbooks! I also just like this one better.


I know what else you’re thinking: Has the film been featured on any of the lists that have been circulating recommending important black films to watch during this time? Well, no, but maybe it’s just too niche for mainstream audiences? Or maybe nobody could get the streaming rights? I don’t know how business works!


And seriously, if you look closely at the plotline you’ll see or at the very least be able to create undercurrents running throughout that totally relate to what’s going on right now. The importance of community building, how often schools in non-white neighborhoods go underfunded (we will be ignoring the fact that St. Francis is a private Catholic school), and the value in giving all young people across the board a path to a positive future through creative expression. Plus, a finale dance number that fucking SLAPS. I mean, they save the school from closing! Just like all of you are trying to save this country while I do nothing. See the parallels!? Ugh, whatever, it might not be about the racial justice movement per se, but Emily re-posted her wedding photos to somehow show support and nobody called her out on that so surely you can let me have this group of delightful nuns. Just let me have this, okay?


And like many wise people have said about how to approach the conversation in this current time, the only wrong thing to say is nothing. Or maybe it’s to say you’re watching Sister Act 2 instead of getting off your ass and protesting, I really don’t know. But to quote the indomitable Sister Mary Clarence, “If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.” I now challenge all of you to wake up and pay attention to this movement the way I am to this movie. Be the change you want to see! I’ll just be here.