Why I’m Having Sex Until Marriage

I know some people want to wait to have sex until marriage, but by the time I emerged into adulthood, the choice for me was clear – I wanted sex with my future husband to be special, and I wasn’t going to risk that by not learning how to have sex in the meantime.


You see, my parents raised me to have too much self-respect to deny myself sexual pleasures in the many years that could come before marriage. I wasn’t going to disrespect myself – or my body – by handing it over to just one guy who may or may not be any good at sex. I have higher standards than that. And that’s why I’m constantly, relentlessly having sex before marriage.


Between family, most friends and some coworkers, so many relationships are already focused on not having sex. Why would I need another? Just to wait until marriage to find out that someone who doesn’t know how to go down on me? I’d rather base my relationship on a variety of interests that includes making each other come regularly and find that out as early as possible.



I’m currently with a guy who I think could be “the one.” And part of why I feel that way is because he’s never pressured me into not having sex for years on end. He let’s me do what I want with my body, which includes fucking him, sometimes for hours at a time if we’re up for it. And I can tell you: It’s almost never worth the wait.


I know some people think it’ll be awkward to honeymoon with a man who already knows the ins and outs of your body, and knows that you know them as well, but I trust that when the time comes, we’ll work through the non-mystery of it all together. Figuring out how to traverse that smooth and easy road, will be part of our bonding experience as husband and wife.


There won’t be any learning curve, and that’s fine. Because right now, I’m having all the sex until marriage. Others can judge me, but this is just something special I want to do for me, a person who is currently having lots and lots of sex.