Why I Completely Redecorated My Apartment to Host a Single Dinner Party

When you decide to host a dinner party, you simply have to deliver. Your friends are coming to your house to eat a meal you prepared: It’s obvious the entire night will be a reflection of your value, not just as a friend, but as a person. So, when I invited seven of my close friends over to my apartment for a casual night in, I knew it would be a high stakes evening. There was only one thing to do: redecorate my entire apartment.


I didn’t come into the process expecting to refurbish my apartment from top to bottom, but once the ball got rolling, it was pretty hard to stop. It all started when I realized I was short two chairs, which meant I would have to order some from Ikea to host the whole crew comfortably. Once I added those two chairs to my arsenal, I realized my table was sadly lacking. Sure, it could seat everyone, but there’s a difference between “seating them” and “truly living.” The table had to go.


By the time I finished redecorating my entire living room – you see, the old couches paled in comparison to my new table – I noticed a chip in the wall paint. I couldn’t let my friends think I was living an uncouth lifestyle! Sure, they had all seen my apartment before and had only ever raved about it, but this was different. This was a dinner party!


Once I filled in the spot, I figured I might as well take the opportunity to repaint my entire apartment. I was already holding the paintbrush, after all! I went for a pastel blue base with an olive-green accent wall that really made the new furniture pop. By this point, the dinner party was in a few hours!



I set my paintbrush down, but as I was picking up my supplies, I noticed the baseboards were practically falling apart. Luckily, I live above a construction site and took this opportunity to steal baseboards from downstairs, rip up the lining of my own apartment, and hammer in some new ones, all before anyone arrived.


The remodel was going perfectly, and by the time my friends got there for the party, the place looked fantastic. I received many incredulous looks upon seeing my brand-new baseboards. No one commented on them, but I could tell they were impressed!


The only thing left to do was order a few boxes of pizza, because in my rush to redecorate, I forgot to make food. But what’s an innocent mistake among friends!