What His Text Laugh Really Means

Text Message - Reductress

Interpreting your crush’s tone over text can be a real head-scratcher. How hard is he really laughing and why? Luckily, this guide to decoding your guy’s laugh can take some of the mystery out of his messages.


“You’re not as funny as me!”
Brimming with confidence, this is the text of your typical class-clown who is funnier than you, but nice try! Watch out he doesn’t wrangle you into a noogie at the next Syracuse University bar reunion.


“I’m snarky because I am crippled by my insecurities.”
“Heh” – that ‘h’ at the end is a dead giveaway of confidence issues. He’ll step on your head to feel like he’s on top, but only because he fears rejection like a quivering fawn in a hunter’s crosshairs. Might you be the one who teaches this fawn to become a stag?


“Let’s have dinner. I’ll take you to a cool, low-key neighborhood joint and pick up the tab. I move slow but if we’re still hanging out in September, I’d love to take you canoeing in the Adirondacks.”
He’s super chill, has a job and doesn’t mind pizza nights at home. But say goodbye to those wild, intoxicating, exclamation-point-filled nights with Enrique.


“Aw, you’re so cute and sweet, like a little doll. Will you step on my face? I want you to spit on me.”
Your Tee-hee texter’s got some weird shit going on. Beware the man that giggles like a tiny schoolboy.  Then again, if that does it for you, who are we to judge?



“I think you’re a real hoot. But honestly, I think everyone’s a hoot. I’m a big ole loser who wears chinos.”


“I fucking hate you.”


Ho Ho Ho
“I deliver gifts to children all over the world and I’m DTF.”
This guy is sweet but will prioritize his work over you during the on-season. Definitely worth one magical night of passion, as long as you can deal with him disappearing up the chimney come morning.


“…You stupid bitch.”
Damn girl, what did you do?? This guy straight up hates you!


“You shall be mine, m’lady. You don’t know it yet, but I am the Angel to your Buffy, the Joker to your Harley Quinn, the Khaal Drogo to your Daenarys … Oh, the adventures that await us! Midnight screenings of the Avengers, long ComiCon lines for free T-shirts, Star Trek Sundays…”
He’s in a comic-fueled fantasy existence that’s hard to shake. But you will never–and I mean NEVER– get a more grateful boob squeeze in your life.