Unfair! Movie About Making It In Show Business Stars Cast of People Who Have Made it in Show Business

Last Thursday, aspiring actor Joanna Lipton had the distinct displeasure of watching a film revolving around the stories of four attractive young people struggling to make it in show business, unfairly starring four attractive young people who have clearly already made it in show business.


“What do you know about bad auditions?” Joanna yelled at the screen. “Your dad is a cinematographer!”


All the same, she watched as the cast — who are all established in their field and presently leading a life of comfort and luxury — explored the ups and downs of self-doubt, small wins, competitive relationships, and repeated rejection.



“My story is being exploited,” said Joanna. “Just thinking about them accessing their early career memories and emotions to bring reality to this role, all while knowing they are safely on the happy end of this journey…. disgusting.”


“This should have starred a cast of unknowns,” Joanna added. “Perhaps some people struggling to pay off their musical theater MFAs, for instance. Then maybe this would have a shred of authenticity.”


Despite Joanna’s strong words, a tear was reported to have rolled down her cheek while the film’s leading lady received a phone call with news of landing her dream part.


“I guess she is a pretty good actor,” said Joanna. “But it’s still unfair.”