Try Not to Cry! This Deployed Soldier Surprised His Girlfriend by Getting Bangs

Grab the tissues, because you won’t be getting through this heart-wrenching love story without shedding a few tears.


Molly Howell was disappointed when she found out that her boyfriend, Specialist Liam Roy, wouldn’t be able to make it to her college graduation, but when the big day came, Howell received much more than a diploma.


That’s right: even though Roy was on his fourth tour in Kuwait during graduation, this romantic soldier surprised Howell by getting bangs and sending her a picture of his new do in the mail!


Howell admits she never saw it coming.


“When I talked to him on the phone before graduation I told him that I was a little sad he wouldn’t be there to celebrate with me,” she says. “He was really coy and kept saying that I should just wait because there was a big surprise in store for me. Honestly, I thought he was going to show up at my graduation, so I was really excited for that. But, yeah, the bangs are…nice.”


Wow! This American hero just became our personal hero for being the sweetest boyfriend in the world!


“I felt so awful about missing this important milestone in Molly’s life,” says Roy. “I told my Sergeant about it and she said she could talk to someone about me flying home for 24 hours to be there, but I said ‘Do me one better, Sarge’ and handed her a pair of scissors. That’s when I got my bangs, while my whole team watched. It was such a sweet moment, and all for my girl.”


“Plus,” Roy adds. “The flight from Kuwait to California is seriously, like, 18 hours long.”


Howell reports that the envelope from Roy, who clearly prefers grand gestures to mere words, contained only a Polaroid of the Specialist confidently rocking his fresh haircut and no accompanying letter.



“It was pretty confusing,” says Howell. “We’ve never talked about him getting bangs, nor is it something he has reason to believe I desired. But he seems so thrilled about them, so I guess I’m happy, too.”


“I mean, I’m so proud of him for serving,” adds Howell through tears. “But I really just want him to come home.”


Well, of course she does! We’re sure dying to get a direct look at those spanking new bangs!