This Mom Was Shocked to Discover the Actor From That One Show Also Acting in This Show

This week, 54-year-old mom Deandra McKey was shocked to discover that that actor she knows is on this other show as well.


“As soon as I saw him on the screen, I said, ‘I know him!’” says Deandra. “I was like, ‘That’s my guy. I love him!’”


The man Deandra saw was Adam Devine, who plays Andy on Modern Family, but has also had roles on other television programs.


“What’s he doing here?” Deandra asked her confused children as she flipped past an episode of Workaholics. “He’s on this too? This guy is everywhere.


“I tried to explain that he’s also been in movies and stuff,” says Deandra’s daughter, Melanie. “She just kept saying ‘Andy! My Andy?!’ It’s like she thinks his character on Modern Family is a real person that she knows in real life.”


“I don’t know how he does it,” says Deandra. “And he’s so cute, too. Melanie, don’t you think he’s handsome?”



Despite silence from her daughters, Deandra remained excited for the chance to see if Adam may indeed show up on other programs she knows and loves.


“He should do movies,” Deandra added. “He’s got such a movie star face.”