Wow! This Polyamorous Relationship Became a Human Rat King

Wow, is this couple relationship goals or what?! Ever since Sal DiPippo and Alyssa Millitzer of Daytona Beach decided to open up their relationship just two years ago, have turned into a human rat king!


What?! Don’t worry, we’ll explain.


A rat king is a group of rats who are stuck together via their entangled tails and/or sticky garbage gunk, but what Sal and Alyssa have grown is a different kind of love. After years of sharing each other with other lovers, they’ve slowly become enmeshed in a writhing pile of free-loving humans who are super happy to be there.



The whole beautiful, writhing pile of people appears to be held together by a mixture of dried saliva, sexual fluids, and human hair.


Asked how the whole thing came about, Sal is bemused but ultimately proud.


“Never underestimate the power of a lot of cum.”


While Alyssa admits she was wary of exploring erotic parties and polyamory within their relationship, she has learned to enjoy the sense of community that the human rat king offers her.


“At first I thought it was weird, and honestly a little scary,” she says. “But now that I’m a part of a human rat king where I could wake up any day of the week to god knows who nibbling at my bits? I’ve honestly never felt closer to Sal. Or all these other people!”


Woooow! Talk about a modern fairy tale!