Wow! This Woman Became Successful By Consistently Accepting Money From Her Parents

Amy Brezler’s story has inspired many, and for good reason: This 26-year-old runs a groundbreaking startup that’s already turning a profit after only three months in business. That’s right, this young woman found immense success, and all it took was to consistently accept money from her very wealthy parents.


“I got my MBA from Harvard two years ago, I’m already running my own company,” says Amy. “It’s not every day you see someone doing this in their twenties.”


No, you don’t see that every day – mainly because other people have debt, living expenses and other financial burdens that prevent them from being able to start their own companies, Amy!


“Life is an adventure, so you might as well take a risk and go for the thing you really want,” says Amy. “Go ahead, take that loan from your parents – cause the only things you’ll regret in life are the things you didn’t do.”


Amy’s company, All You Need, sends clients sample-size products, gum and a little treat inside a small designer purse for just $220 a month. The company boasts that if you’re going out, All You Need is in your purse.


“This product is made for a woman going out who don’t want to worry about losing their stuff,” says Amy. “There were so many times in college I lost little things, like my favorite Nars lipgloss or my Evian mist spray. So this product is for women like me.”



“People always ask how I did it and I’m here to say, as long as you work hard and have an amazing support system, you can achieve anything,” says Amy. “Don’t make excuses, just go do what you want to do!”


We would, if we had rich parents, Amy!