Trend Alert! It’s Time to Bring Back Low-Rise Jeans And Your Teenage Insecurities

A lot of looks from the 90s and early 2000s have made a HUGE resurgence! You know what that means, ladies: It’s time to bring back those low-rise jeans AND all of the worst of your teenage insecurities that went along with them!


Celebs like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski have brought back the trend of tiny tank tops and lower waistlines, as well as every single detailed insecurity you carried with you from your teenage years, including the one about your muffin top that you’ve gotten to keep in hiding for the past ten years. Get ready to add a few low-rise Levis to your wardrobe this fall! Also, get ready to stare at the weird red line running across your stomach from where the skin folds over and wondering if your body’s wrong.


The once-dead trend of denim with a waistline inches below your hip bones, and it’s here to take your self-esteem down with it. That’s the power of nostalgia!


Because low-waisted jeans should always be worn at least one size too big, they’re great for styling with a huge belt. This will keep your pants up while making a statement. The statement can be something like, “Is this too much?” or “Does this look insane?” or “Am I going to have to suck my stomach in the whooole day?” Whatever works for you! This style is all about making you feel exactly as bad as you did in the 2000s. That is: very bad!


Low-rise jeans really are more than just a trend. They also have the power to transport you back to a darker time when you thought lace-up shirts, fedoras and bandana dresses looked good. Then they’ll transport you to an even darker time when you used to look at your body in the mirror and think, “No one will ever love me because my body is terrible!” Now that’s the magic of fashion!



And if you thought your front was the only side getting a chance to shine, think again! This low-rise look insures that your ass crack will be hanging out pretty much always, even when your standing. Maybe visible thongs will make a comeback too? Pray that they don’t!


Enjoy wearing your pants on the floor while your stomach screams at you, and remember that just like certain fashion trends, insecurities also never truly die!