Meet The Genius Woman Who Figured Out Where to Put Her Purse While Getting a Haircut

As if we needed more proof that women are intelligent badasses, Meghan Stills just proved that the female brain knows no bounds when she figured out exactly where to put her purse during a haircut.


“It was incredible,” stylist Shayla Braun said. “We didn’t even tell her there were bag hooks at the cutting stations. She just figured it out on her own.”


When Meghan went to get a haircut last week, she had no idea she was about the break wide open one of earth’s greatest unsolved mysteries – where to put your purse. Using the science of deduction, she brilliantly deduced since the floor was covered in hair, the station was filled with her hairdresser’s tools, and the chair by the front door would leave her bag susceptible to theft. So, after walking around the salon and assessing her various options, weighing the pros and cons, and crunching some quick calculations in her head, she decided to hang her purse on a little hook near her chair.


“It was like watching Einstein discover the theory of relativity,” adds Shayla. “Or like watching that movie about the mop lady.”


As for Meghan, she’s just glad she could find a safe place to stow her bag while she finally got layers cut into her signature bob.



“I’m just really relieved I found somewhere to put my purse so I didn’t have to hold it,” says Meghan. “I like to text while I get my hair done. It’s a fun way to stay entertained. I’m really proud of myself.”