This Woman Is So Thirsty She Just Calmly Asked Where The Relationship Was Going

Meet Joanie LeFevere: a 29-year-old woman who just embarrassingly showed her thirst by calmly asking her boyfriend of almost two years what kind of future he saw for the two of them.


According to her boyfriend Greg, what started as a totally normal night out, got desperate FAST when Joanie broached the topic of what they each wanted out of life.


“I always thought she was a so chill,” commented Greg. “Until now.”


According to sources, Greg responded to Joanie’s reasonable question by yelling, “WHY ARE YOU PRESSURING ME?!” and storming out of the restaurant. A reaction that most people would agree is totally normal response to being hounded by a ring-thirsty gold digger.


Those close to the couple confirm that Joanie is notorious for “wanting her needs met” and “honest communication” – AKA the thirstiest thirst queen that ever thirsted!



Turns out, this isn’t the first relationship where Joanie has let her desperation show. Her ex-boyfriend from grad school tells of a similar incident that took place when he and Joanie were early into their relationship.


“I just remember her being like, ‘Hey i’m into you,’ and me being like whoa get off my junk we’ve only been out 14 times.”


Let’s face it: Nothing is more needy than an adult woman wanting to assess her relationship.


Greg, while admitting that he does love Joanie and definitely sees a future with her, said that it was a big turnoff to have to say that out loud. “She didn’t have to be so in my face about it. I felt like she was trying to chain me up in her basement.”


When reached for comment, LeFevere responded, “I literally have no idea what just happened.”


Lesson learned ladies: If you want to find love, play it cool forever and always, even at the detriment of your needs and desires.