This Woman Threw Out Her Scale, and Now She Just Weighs Herself When She’s At Jill’s House

As part of her “exploration of self-acceptance,” 27-year-old Meghan Tannenberg recently threw out the scale that she kept in her bathroom to weigh herself every morning, and now she only weighs herself when she’s at Jill’s house.


“I should love my body no matter what I weigh, so now my home is a scale-free zone,” Meghan told friends proudly. “I used to think about my weight constantly and judge my body for every little change. I’m so happy to say those days are behind me. Women are beautiful no matter what they weigh!”


She then added, “Does anyone know what Jill’s up to tonight? Like will she be home?”


For years, Meghan dealt with body image issues, sometimes weighing herself three or four times a day. Throwing away her scale was the final leap towards self-acceptance, allowing her to let go of years of obsessive eating and weighing habits so she can finally obsess about her body only when she’s at Jill’s house.


“I was a slave to my scale. Throwing it away has given me the emotional freedom to live my truest life and not be beholden to some silly number on a little machine. I just want to shout from the rooftops: ‘I’m free! … Actually, you know who has a great roof? Jill! Let’s go to Jill’s house to shout my freedom from the rooftops. Do you think I can use the bathroom while I’m there? The one with the scale in it?”



Close friends of Meghan noted that she has been finding a lot more reasons to go to Jill’s house recently, noting that all of Meghan’s visits end with her asking to use Jill’s restroom and then promptly locking herself in the bathroom and weeping softly but audibly.


“We’re all really happy that Meghan feels so great about throwing out her scale. But, like, Jill’s scale beeps when it displays your weight, so we know what she’s doing in there.”


When asked about her increasingly frequent trips to Jill’s house, Meghan commented, “Did Jill say she wants me to come over? You know what, it’s probably better if we just drop by her house and ask. Wouldn’t want there to be any confusion. I’ll drive!”