5 Cute Side-Swept Bangs to Rid You of Your Depth Perception

Summer’s coming to a close, so why not stop resisting the urge to try bangs and give ’em a shot for once! Sport any of these adorable, side-swept styles for a fresh look that’s certain to impress your friends and completely impair your vision for the whole season.


The Sleek Wave

This is a stylish option for any fashion-forward millennial with a wavy mane who doesn’t mind only being able to see out of one eye. If you’re on the hunt for a sexy ‘do that will interfere with your ability to discern whether an object is moving towards you or away from you, the search is over, girlfriend!


Curly and Sultry

Who says you need pin-straight locks to pull off playfully pretty side bangs? Show off your ringlets by parting them on the side and allowing them to cascade over one eye, partially obstructing your view. With this style, you’ll be the chicest woman in the room who can’t determine where things are physically situated in space!



Old Hollywood Glamour

Take a cue from the celebrities of yore and opt for full and fabulous fringe that will make you feel like a vintage starlet wearing an eye-patch made of hair. Spritz on some light hairspray to keep your finger waves in place, and then head out for a night on the town. Make sure to take an Uber, because it isn’t advisable to drive or operate heavy machinery while rocking this classic blinding look!


The Casual Swoop

There are plenty of products on the market that make it easier than ever to achieve perfectly imperfect hair and partial blindness at the same time. Use your favorite salt spray to add volume to your bangs! But be careful, any mistake in aim and you might blind your only visible eye. Whoops!


Blunt and Bold

If your vibe tends more towards the modern, choose an architectural shape that will complement your cheekbones and completely eliminate your sense of sight. A blunt bang is ideal for women who love a low maintenance cut and hate perceiving the world in three dimensions, or at all. What a fun, edgy way to sharpen your other four senses!


There you have it! Five side-swept styles that will unleash your inner goddess while making your surroundings appear deceptively flat. Sure, you might have to adopt a service animal or invest in a cane, but who ever said being beautiful was easy? You don’t need perfect vision to see that these bangs are the bomb!