This Woman Isn’t Financially or Emotionally Ready to Own a Dog, but She’s Not Gonna Let That Stop Her

After getting fired for lateness from her retail job, 25-year-old Marabelle Cousson decided to pause her job hunt and channel her desire for a financially and emotionally stable life into a different project: a dog.


Yes, Marabelle, this seems like the perfect time to take on this responsibility!


“Everything in my life is finally coming together,” says Marabelle, who is both jobless and emotionally unstable. “Sure, I don’t have a steady income and thus can’t afford the therapy I need, but this dog will make everything easier and better. I just know it.”


Friends of Marabelle are supportive to varying degrees.


“Marabelle invited me to a dog shelter and when she spotted Rocky, she said she had to have him,” says her friend Don Delter. “She then informed me she had spent the last of her Metrocard and asked if I’d pay her way back. You want a dog and you don’t have $2.75? I don’t think so!”


“I don’t know if this is a smart choice,” says roommate Carol Werth. “We live in a 400-square-foot studio. It’s a fourth-floor walk-up. Also, I’m allergic to fur. She never really consulted me on this.”


Wow! She’s not letting any obstacles get in her way! Still, Marabelle plans to bring Rocky home.


“This dog is what I need right now,” she says. “And I know what the dog needs right now is food, but I unfortunately cannot afford that.”


However, Marabelle realized she had taken on this responsibility too quickly. After posting ten Instagram photos of Rocky in the two weeks she had him, Marabelle decided to publicly announce her decision to un-adopt her pup.


“It is with a heavy heart I let my 105 followers know that I am giving Rocky up,” says Marabelle. “I am bringing her to Connecticut to live with my parents. This is incredibly hard for me, but I know it’s the right thing to do.”


“I always knew I was brave, but I didn’t know I was that brave.”


And your parents must be thrilled!