Wow! This Affluent Woman’s Worst Fear Is ‘Getting Too Comfortable’

35-year-old Casey James, who owns a house in an affluent DC suburb, recently touched many in her friend group when she shared her worst fear: losing her sense of adventure and “getting too comfortable.”


Wow, how noble that Casey fearlessly pushes herself to the point of discomfort, even though she doesn’t really ever have to!


“I have an advanced security system, and I have a view of the water,” says Casey. “But I don’t ever want to feel too settled. I want to feel the danger and excitement of life again. I want to take risks. That’s why we’re alive, right?”

Friends of Casey, who are joining her on an “adventure trip” to Costa Rica, are inspired by their friend’s “wild spirit.”


“Casey is just the most gusty girl of the bunch,” says neighbor Cath McGregor. “We’re both in our thirties and our kids go to the same private school. And when she mentioned this, I realized, I too should be challenging myself to feel the adrenaline rush of living outside my comfort zone!”


“Maybe I’ll go skydiving and conquer my fear of heights, or head to a country where no one speaks my language,” says another friend Danielle Howsend. “The nice thing about putting myself in uncomfortable positions is that I’ll grow as a person.”


Still, some people take issue with Casey’s outlook, including her children’s babysitter, Jamie Gon.


“Casey doesn’t understand what it’s like to not be sure if you’re going to make rent every month,” says Jamie. “When I tell her I’m leaving at night to get back to my neighborhood and taking the train alone, she just exclaims, ‘Oh what a fun adventure!’”



“I don’t think that woman actually understands what fear is,” she added. “But I think she thinks it’s like a river cruise or something.”


Way to be brave, Casey!